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SeeME AS er distributør av produktene March med eksklusiv rett til å selge disse ut til butikker.
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Fra hjemmesiden til MARCH:

MARCH is product invention studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania.We like new materials and technologies. We like good design. And we like good concept even better.

MARCH is finding the gap. We constantly observe surroundings and things we use daily. If something can be improved – we go for it. Like the safety reflector, which can improve your security by being more wearable.

MARCH is anti-designerism. Most new designer products are unnecessary in our overproduced world. Besides, every new production have impact to the environment. New products have to be better in their concept, not just appearance.

MARCH is new concept + new technology + new material = new goodness. Our products are available across the world, including Norway, Italy, France, Japan, Mexico and UAE.

MARCH is unique. Our products have patents and are 100% original.